Quality Recycled Steel Shot and Recycled Steel Grit

Celebrating 35 years of saving companies money on their steel shot and grit!

Save on your cleaning costs by purchasing conditioned steel shot and grit!

Why Choose U.S. Metals, Inc. for Steel Shot and Grit?

U.S. Metals, Inc. is a processor and leading source of quality conditioned (recycled) steel shot and grit. U.S. Metals, Inc. steel shot and grit is recycled from metal-to-metal blasting applications, cleaned, screened and guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable SAE specifications covering steel shot and grit.

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Flexible Packaging Options:

We make it easy to purchase our products, and can meet just about any special request. And don’t worry about extra fees — we have NO scrap surcharges, and NO pallet/drum charges.

Our steel shot and grit is available in:

  • Standard 55 gallon steel drums (2000#/drum)
  • 50# kraft paper bags (40 in a pallet box)
  • Super Sacks (1-2 tons).

Why Use Recycled Steel Shot or Grit?

For over 35 years, our mission has been to save you money on your steel shot and grit, which is recovered, conditioned, and repackaged from our Mentone, Indiana factory and warehouse.

Your blast machines can’t tell the difference between new and recycled, but your bottom line definitely will!

Sizing, Options, and Quality:

U.S. Metals, Inc. conditioned steel shot and grit is available in all sizes, with smaller particle sizes being more readily available.

U.S. Metals, Inc. conditioned steel shot and grit is free from tailings and voids often found in virgin steel shot and grit, resulting in excellent cleaning, less dust and a life-span almost equal to that of virgin steel shot and grit.